Welcome, Neighbor

We know what it’s like to move, across town or across states, it can really help to have a friend and resource on the other side of the move to help you plan and dream about your next home.  Now we can help. 

ResortTV1Homes.com and EXP Referral Division team up to bring customers more information about moving to Central Florida, the housing market and more.

When we moved here a few years ago…

… we didn’t have any family in the area and we had a very short amount of time to find somewhere to live that would be a good fit for us. Josh had about 24 hours on the ground to see the places we were interested in and it would have been much harder if we were trying to buy a house. 

Now We Can Help…

We want to be a helpful neighbor and connect you to someone who can really answer your questions. This is why we have become a referral partner with The Funk Collection and their broker, EXP Realty. They have a growing number of agents in the Orlando area, in all 50 states and over 25 countries, and they can help you find the perfect fit home when the time is right for you. We want to be a helpful neighbor and connect you to someone who can really answer your questions. If you are looking to move right now, invest in Orlando vacation homes or are interested in talking to someone about a future move, you can fill out our contact form and connect with a sales associate to help you get started.


Jeff & Renee Funk | RealtyinOrlando.com | Brokered by EXP Realty


Even if you aren’t quite ready to move, we have something for you, too.

Our team is great at answering questions, but what if you are trying to choose between a couple of areas and you aren’t sure what living there might be like. When we moved it would have helped if we had some resources that could show us what was available around the areas we were interested in – even shopping, dining, activities, drive-arounds, or hearing from people who live in the area. We want to be helpful neighbors, too, so we’ve started a YouTube Channel, just to help answer some of these other lifestyle questions that may help as you plan or dream for your next home. On this channel, Stef will feature more of our other local family-friendly experiences and outings that are separate from the theme parks and talk with agents about their favorite haunts, tips and more.